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Imagine Solar Power 24 hours a day at prices competitive with traditional fossil fuels.

Energy is one of the largesteconomicsectors in the world. However, solar energy currently comprises only a very small fraction of it. This creates a hugeopportunityfor us as we have developed renewable solar technologies that could dramatically increase the growth of the solar energy sector.

Energy Mix

For renewable energy to really make a significant contribution to society, it must address the following.

  1. Cost competitiveness with traditional energy sources.
  2. Power must also be available 24 hours a day and not on an intermittent basis as most renewables are today.

We have been working on these problems to provide cost-effective and practical renewable energy solutions.

Imagine a world with clean air from clean energy and no more toxic waste, environmental damage or pollution-induced health issues. That is our vision.

The world is projected to double power production to 30 terawatts (trillion watts) (TW) by 2050. With all energy sources on Earth combined (excluding solar and coal), humanity can only generate an additional 5 TW, leaving a 10 TW shortfall, unless we burn a lot more coal. Solar energy has the capability to provide all of humanity's needs 4,000 times over by 2050.

The market up to 2050 represents $382 trillion in revenues.Now with SHEC Energy's economically-competitive renewable energy solution, much of this new energy deployment can be clean and sustainable.

When we look at the energy mix for the future, we will have no option but to adopt solar energy on a massive scale. 24/7 power is an absolute necessity. Our technology offers a solution to make a significant contribution to our future energy mix with a clean renewable energy source that isavailable100% of the time for many locations on Earth.

Our low-cost breakthrough makes it possible to start deploying this technology today.


Source: German Advisory Council on Global Change

Why damage the environment when there is a clean sustainable alternative?

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